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Why Cats Do Need Attention

September 15, 2019

Excessive vocalization in cats’ through loud meowing means seeking attention.

The cause of this cat behavior can be either emotional, physical or both.

As a cat owner, you should do some homework to identify possible causes of meowing and learn in time your cat language.

In some cases, what we consider a behavior problem can be normal in certain cat breeds. You need to weigh all factors, before considering meowing a problem that needs to be solved.

Here are some signs of attention seeking behavior in cats:

Excessive meowing

Cats, primarily meow as a means of communication with people after kitten-hood. 

There are other cat types, like feral cats that stop meowing as soon as they start practicing being independent.

However, this is a healthy and normal behavior for cats unless otherwise, it becomes excessive.

Pawing at your arm or leg

This is actually an obvious sign that your cat requires attention, a way cat says “Look at me!”

Knocking stuff down

Cats knocking things down is normal. Sometimes, you need to determine what might be the problem for this behavior. This kind of behavior is a clear sign that attention is needed. 

Your cat may knock things over simply because it's fun and they think you may have fun.

Jumping to places that are out of reach

Once you note your cat may be jumping onto the table while you are busy taking meals or even trying to reach the kitchen counter at times you are preparing meals, then this is a sign that attention is needed. All you should do is to schedule some interactive playtime with it before you start doing anything.

Inappropriate scratching

Cat scratching behavior is a healthy and natural thing as it helps in shedding loose layers from her claws; stretching and releasing pent up energy. But this can be destructive if the cat seems to scratch inappropriate places. 

To prevent inappropriate scratching provide several scratching posts made from his choice material and those that accommodate his substrate position.

For example, if your cat has a carpet or textile preference, traditional scratching posts can be covered with these materials.

Why do cats need attention?

Most cats do need attention; you cannot simply feed them, change their water, and go on with your day.

Cats need more attention than most people think, and providing the right levels of attention is extremely important for their well-being. They can quickly become bored and depressed if they are ignored.

Sometimes, you may have a hectic and stressful day, but your cat have had no choice, but to spend many long hours in a quiet house without any stimulation. You are, without a doubt, the most exciting part of their day!

By talking to them, stroking them and playing with them you will both be happier and healthier.


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