All About Cats

  • Is your cat happy?

    To find if you cat is happy is not difficult at all. A purr normally tells you when your cat is happy. If she rolls on her back it is also a goo...
  • Why Cats Do Need Attention

    Excessive vocalization in cats’ through loud meowing means seeking attention. The cause of this cat behavior can be either emotional, physical o...
  • Reasons Why Not to Punish Your Cat

    Millions of people around the world have cats as pets. Living with these furry friends can be difficult due to their tendency to be quite feist...
  • Cats Fastidiously Groom Themselves

  • Tips On How To Litter Train A Kitty Cat

    Kittens will naturally want to relieve themselves in sand or soil; they will look for the same or a similar place in your house. With the follo...
  • Causes Of Cat Hiding Behavior And How To Deal with It

    If you are looking for what causes the cat hiding behavior and how to deal with, the first thing first you need to consider is that your cat is pa...
  • How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

    Cats, just like individuals are incredibly specific in their preferences and behavior toward food. Some felines gladly eat whatever they get, oth...
  • How To Stop Your Cat Scratching The Furniture

    The good news is that you absolutely can get your cat to stop scratching your things.

    Here are few tips and steps to follow:

    1. The first step is to purchase several cat scratching posts and a few interactive cat toys. This is a crucial step in the process. It is important to choose the right scratching post to provide your cat with a scratching surface she likes.

  • Best Cat Floor Mats To Show What You Love

    Cat floor mats are a great way to add a cute and optimistic design to you home decor while standing in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room! T...
  • Trip Tips On How To Travel With Your Cat

    Here are 10 tips on how to travel with your cat: Before you go, check that your cat is healthy. Schedule a visit to the vet. Take your time and d...
  • 22 Ways Cats Make Humans Healthier

    Cat lovers say that the companionship cats provide is unique. When you adopt a cat, you need to know that your new pet has an independent nature while still being a constant companion.

    Their expressive eyes, soft coat and a reassuring purr will make you feel needed and loved.

    Your cat will most likely offer several loveable ways to give you the companionship you are looking for.

    Whether you are playing with your furry friend or she is affectionately curled up next to you, a cat will be a welcome addition while not being too demanding.

    And on occasions when you or your partner is out of town or working late, your cat will be a loyal friend who will ease loneliness while you are apart.

    Cats can also make you healthier. 

  • Interesting Facts About Cats

    Having a cat as a pet in your home is one of the most amazing things that can make your day.

    Cats are friendly as any other pets, and they will keep you from getting lonely because of their marvelous character.

    A cat can be the perfect companion if you have no one else to keep you busy in the house. Do not forget, it is easy to handle a cat, because he requires less care than most of the other pets.

    Cats are usually disciplined naturally and do not need to be trained to learn some things. However, you need to know - "they do what they want" - and this is why we love them.