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Interesting Facts About Cats

January 26, 2018

Having a cat as a pet in your home is one of the most amazing things that can make your day.

Cats are friendly as any other pets, and they will keep you from getting lonely because of their marvelous character.

A cat can be the perfect companion if you have no one else to keep you busy in the house. Do not forget, it is easy to handle a cat, because he requires less care than most of the other pets.

Cats are usually disciplined naturally and do not need to be trained to learn some things. However, you need to know - "they do what they want" - and this is why we love them.

You may be a cat lover out there, but you don't know more about this feline.

Here are some of the most Interesting facts about cats that you never knew and you should know, because it can help you learn more about how you should be handling your cat.

A cat can get asleep for a long time and you may think they are not feeling well. A cat can sleep around 16-18 hours in a single day, especially if they are fed well and do not have to go out looking for food by themselves.

Cats are lovely creatures who display happiness by kneading with their paws. They are friendly, and you will find them doing amazing things like climbing everywhere in the house and scratching their bodies to express relieve. 

Cats can get tapeworms
Cats love hunting for mice around the house or the surrounding area, as bushes around your home.
But, do you know that these can cause them to have tapeworms?
Therefore, you should not let your cat hunt for mice, but feed him well and let him stick to the food provided.
In time, he will eat only the food you give him.

This is one of the fascinating facts you should know about; a cat can produce more than 100 different vocal sounds which is something rare to find in other species of animals.
For example, wild cats can produce a sound that can confuse you as a human in a sense that you may think it's a child crying.

An adult cat has 30 teeth. Their teeth are sharp, so they can tear out their prey easily.
You should be able to avoid getting into a fight with your cat as they can become fierce and hurt you badly with their sharp claws and teeth. Read more About Cat Teeth HERE <=

Fast moving
Cats are extremely fast and can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour, when running after their prey or running away from danger.
At this high speed a cat can jump over hedges, fences and even over the buildings.
They use their sharp claws to easily climb on top of the tree and can jump high up about seven times their height when being in action or playing around. 

Cats give birth to kittens. The cat female carries the kittens in her womb for 58-65 days before they are born.
After birth, the mother takes care of them, nurturing and grooming the babies. 
Cats have unique behaviors as they greet by touching their noses together. During this time, the mother teaches them all these behaviors while feeding them. They usually hide their breeding places and you can even fail to see where the kittens are hidden. That's why you will be amazed where the cat (mother) comes out with her kittens.

Smell and taste
Cats usually do not have a taste for sweet things. What they have is a strong sense of smell where their sense of smell is 14 times than that a human being.

Survival and movement
Cats do not die easily; they can survive after falling down from high buildings without getting injured. They use their whiskers to detect an object which helps them move around during the night time.

Taking into account all these interesting facts about cats, you are now familiar with your cat, and you should know a little more how to interact and take care of him too. These are just a few important things about cats... I will keep adding more here, on my blog.

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