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How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

January 18, 2019

Cats, just like individuals, are incredibly specific in their preferences and behavior toward food.

Some felines gladly eat whatever they get, others are notoriously picky eaters.

Some cats eat even more than they ought to and get extra fat, while some (often in the same home, with similar access to a similar food) stay sleek or even slim.

No wonder cat owners get puzzled.

How often should I feed my cat?

Experts differ in their views on how much a cat must eat every day.

A healthy adult kitty probably requires about one ounce of food per pound of body weight each day, totaling someplace in the region of 250-300 calories from fat (with regards to the size, years, and activity degree of the kitten).

All brand cat foods offer nourishing instructions on the can or carrier, and it's essential to check out those instructions because wrote for the precise nutrition that food contains.

However, a hard guideline is always to feed a relatively active adult kitty the same as two small or one large can of kitty food each day, divided into several distinct feedings. If dried feline food is the area of the cat's diet, the dried out food should contain in the total - for a case, you might meet an eight-ounce necessity with four oz . of canned food and four of dry food.

You'll want to consider the cat's level of life. Kittens require more food than adult felines, and pregnant pet cats need additional food as well.

Is drinking water important?

Yes, absolutely. Your pet cat should have usage of clean water all the time. In case the cat's diet includes dried food this is even more important. When your cats don't seem to be to want regular water from a specified water dish, try giving some filled cups of drinking water in cat-accessible areas (like on the kitchen sink in the toilet). Remember not to grab it yourself on a sleepy morning.

How about milk?

Some cats enjoy milk, but it isn't a requirement of health in the dietary plan of a grown-up kitten, and many don't absorb it well. Should your cat grows after having dairy, try substituting a tiny amount of cream. The butterfat in the cream is, in fact, right for felines (in smaller amounts) & most cats think it’s great.

How to feed your cat?

Most experts say nourishing twice every day is an excellent regimen, and for folks who are abroad all day it creates a great deal of sense - supply before going off to work, and give food to get back again. It could be beneficial to keep a dish of dried up cat food open to the cat whatsoever time. Like us, felines tend to enjoy snacks.



Pet cats can be very finicky about sanitation, in case their food dish has the aroma of yesterday's meal they could won't eat.

Ceramic bowls are best for pet cat food because they don't absorb smells, as plastic food tend to do.

Room heat range is most beneficial. Food that is very warm or cold can lead to digestion problems in a few cats.


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